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Cremona is a clean and tidy community, at the anything is possible phase.


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Cremona is west of the town of Carstairs in the Eastern Slopes area of Alberta.

Bylaws and Policies
Tax Bylaws

This page contains our most requested bylaws. If you have questions regarding a bylaw that is not listed here, please call the Village Office at 403-637-3762.

Bylaws Policies
Appointment of Assessor 475-17
Assessment Review Board 493-19
Assessed Property Classification 487-18
Borrowing Bylaw 469-16 (Paving 2nd Street)
Business Licenses 387-05
Cemetery 385-05
Council Code of Conduct 474-17
Direct Control District Bylaw 468-16
Dogs 402-07
Emergency Management 496-19
FCSS 479-17
Fire Services 447-13
Intermunicipal Development Plan 495-19
Intermunicipal SDAB 494-19
Land Use 395-06
    Direct Control District Bylaw 468-16
    Rezoning 459-15
    Land Zoning Map
    Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Elections 471-17
Municipal Planning Commission 464-15
Procedure & Conduct of Council Meetings 490-18
Public Notification 480-18
Rates Bylaw 477-17
Residential Community Standards 476-17
Road Closure 484-18
Subdivision Authority 483-18
Tax Penalties 470-16
Traffic 452-14
Water/Wastewater 461-15
Waterworks/Sewers 414-09
Accounts Receivable 1004-01
Alternative Work Hours
Council Remuneration & Expenses 1601-01
On-Call Procedure & Pay 1707-01
Policy Procedure Standards 1301-01
Roll-Out Cart Collection 1002-01
Toilet Rebate Program 1502-01
Utility Accounts 1003-01
Working Alone 1703-01

Tax Levies - 2019
Tax Levies - 2018
Tax Levies - 2017
Tax Levies - 2016
Tax Levies - 2015

Beautiful scenery around the farmland of rural Alberta near Cremona and Water Valley. The Cremona School is part of the Chinook's Edge School Division and includes Grades ECS through 12. One of the churches people gather to visit with friends and neighbours and worship. One of the highlights of Cremona is the full growth of trees and shrubs throughout town.

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